Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Vol. 1, No. 1

Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Monday, September 21, 2020


Janis Nelson’s clients consult Janis for many reasons—job troubles, health trouble, love trouble, family trouble, money trouble. Or they come because they are curious or because they feel some vague spiritual dissatisfaction with a world that has long banished its psychics and seers to into the shadows and they want to reclaim a bit of that shadow magic.

They haven’t come up until now, because of 1-800 numbers or billboards or advertisements or Yellow pages or New Age listings, because for years, Janis has not used any of those.

And they certainly haven’t come because of media coverage—when Janis got it, it was all bad, but in spite of it. They come because they have heard about her from friends, co-workers, or family members who recommended her by word of mouth. Word of mouth is the only way she had done business, the only she has read for years.

Her readings are old-style readings, and like many prominent psychics throughout history-Edgar Cayce among them-her insights are more accurate for others than they are for her.

About an hour before the appointment, she starts to pace through the house—back and forth, back and forth, finding a rhythm until she begins to feel her client moving toward her, coming closer. Faster then she paces, back and forth and back and forth again, feeling the client coming closer and closer whether that is by phone or in person. She makes her greeting and explains how she works while she is in a trance. In candlelight, she enters the world of her client.

In trance they speak to her, voices from the ancestor spirits, bringing names and messages. In trance the visions come—some bright, some dark, images she couldn’t have known, images that have meaning and give guidance for the person on the other end of the telephone line or sitting in the wing-back chair.

The moments that the reading begins, Janis sees past, present, and future. She highlights what you feel, think and desire, as well as your health, talents and relationships. Janis is a visionary who can paint pictures of what lies ahead as well as behind. She gives you specific names, dates and locations, so you are prepared when these appear. She travels into the past to find what strongly influences your present decisions, to free you from the ropes which have bound you or those talents unseen which shine you. It is as if she becomes you, feels what you feel, and is able to put it into words.

Sometimes in trance, she can see into her client’s bodies. Their bodies seem to become transparent and she can see dark spots or discolorations that indicate the presence of disease and can detect an illness on the way.


She can make a suggestion—perhaps you should see a doctor—or she can tell what vitamins might help you, or what dietary changes you could make.

Sometimes when her clients ask her questions, she flies to different locations to search out the answers. She doesn’t fly in her body; instead, like the shaman in traditional cultures, she sends her spirit out to have a look around, then reports back about what her spirit sees.

With the voices and the visions and the flights and the spirits, Janis hears and sees and knows what you cannot. She opens bright worlds of possibilities that you had not considered. She sees where danger lurks, and prepares you to engage it, or to avoid it. She tells you what you can salvage from the wreckage of life, jobs, relationships; she tells you what you can create from that same wreckage. She gives you hope. She helps you move on. On a very deep level, she heals you.

Sometimes Janis tells her clients what they don’t want to hear, but what they need to hear. She has lost a few clients this way, over the years; they usually come back, a year or so later, to tell her she was right, and to ask more questions.


The first reading lasts one-full hour and can be done by appointment only, because of the in-depth trance quality of Janis’s readings and her devotion to finding the right answers for you. Janis answers questions only after she has established for you that you are working with a true psychic; for the first 15 or 20 minutes, the reading is all about you. When time comes for you to ask questions, she must first feel your question, travel on its pathway, find the correct answer, then deliver that answer with verification of its outcome—no matter which way you choose to go.

When you call, or email, to set up an appointment, she asks your birth date, time and place. She hand draws your birth map and before you arrive she spirits travels to meet you on the pathway of your karmic destiny. The phone rings, she makes her greeting explains how she works. In the candle light she enters your world.


The first reading is a 100-dollar donation for the full hour; later readings either by email or phone, are determined by the length of time it takes. So for instance a quick phone call is broken down to what I charge in the original donation, fifteen minutes, 25-dollars.  For those who call regularly, readings are $60.00 an hour.

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