Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Vol. 1, No. 1

Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Word of Mouth: Letters of Review

January 16, 1986
The first visit, Janis accurately gave personality insights and also told me details of my childhood home, the city I was born in, and birth dates of my parents. She also knew I was a twin. There are so many things she has told me and I find it hard to remember and recount the most impressive ones. Some of the things she told me have seemed so far fetched that I couldnít imagine what she was talking about but when they came true, I was always amazed.
L. B., Gainesville, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:
Janis Nelson:
This is to certify that I had on occasions during 1978, 1979, and 1980 to confer with the above named psychic. I have found her astonishingly helpful, completely ethical and professional. I am naturally not at liberty to tell you my client's situations concerning which there have been consultations with Ms. Nelson, but I think that her talents are remarkable.
Attorney at Law
R. B. Catskill
New York

January 23, 2009
J anis Nelson accurately predicted layoffs at my place of work, correctly told me that projects had specific bugs in them even though she had not seen them, accurately warned when I was about to be fired, and let me know where to look for a new job. Being forewarned and prepared for these events helped me weather some very troubling times.
K. C. N., Gainesville, Florida

August 6, 1980
Janis who thinks!
Dr. Augustus B. Kinzel
National Academy of Sciences
American Philosophical society

    February 13, 2009
I have known you for four years. Your predictions are splendid and 100% accurate. You have helped me in many ways and guided me in the right direction. Helped me to respect myself and understand my own personality and ways that I need to work or change. You also helped me to understand the people I deal with and what kind of people they are and what to expect, which has been accurate. I enjoy talking to you and look forward to talk to you. I would recommend you to anybody who is interested.
 Dr. S.P., M.D., New York, New York

June 17, 2004
You are my psychic and my mentor and have helped me beyond human limits, thatís why I know you are an angel of light. You bring light out in people with the abundant gifts you shine. Thank you for making me shine and being so right with your insights, without you I couldnít have done it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are very special to me.
Paula G., Jacksonville, Florida

February 3, 2009
I have known Janis Nelson for over 20 years. She gets her clients through word of mouth and does not advertise any other way. She is very accurate in her readings. She has helped me through health issues and kept me from many bad experiences in the dating field. Janis is not only my psychic but has become my good friend.
Karen from Gainesville, Florida

July 10, 1997
My next material is going to be a poem on a wonderful wise woman named Janis Nelson. She always lifts my spirits, thank you again for my reading, my shattered heart repaired, you are my inspiration.
S.N., Hollywood, California

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