Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Vol. 1, No. 1

Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Word of Mouth: Letters of Review

January 29, 2007
I would say her book is her crowning achievement, but it isnít; her crowning achievement is that for hours and hours and days and days, years and years, she has devoted herself often without compensation to helping others heal from both mental and emotional wounds and physical illness.
L.F.M., Fort White, Florida

April 11, 1997
In terms of your psychic perceptions you have always been 100% accurate. Janis, words cannot describe the impact and inspiration you have been in life.
Gratefully yours,
C.P., Gainesville, Florida

January 27, 1986
Many of the events you have predicted for me have already come to pass, events which I could not have had any way of knowing were to happen. A major event you predicted for me back in July was my change of employment around the end of 1985; at the time I could not envision myself making a change. A few other less important things have come about. However, other things you have told me about that happened earlier in my life I have found to be just as extraordinary. These events occurred long before I met you and some of them I had not even thought about for many years until you brought them to my mind.

I have recommended you to others and will continue to recommend you as a psychic. You have been extremely accurate in your predictions for me and some of my friends. If you ever need further recommendation or testimonials, please do not hesitate to ask for them.
B.G., Gainesville, Florida

December 28, 2009
Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and bringing wisdom and comfort to me, my friends, and everyone else you help.
D.S., Virginia Beach, Virginia

September 5, 1997
As for me, again you were right. I did get a great job and it is near the water. I am looking forward to speaking with you again.
D.B., Mystic, Connecticut

    November 9, 1986
To Whom It May Concern:
I attend the University of Florida in Gainesville. I went to see Janis Nelson for a reading around a year ago. I found the information she gave was very accurate. Miss Nelson told me that I had a lot of problems with my stomach and that I should avoid alcohol because it would prove to be poison to my system. I contacted a stomach flu in July and in December I was diagnosed as having peptic ulcer disease. I am convinced of the validity of Miss Nelsonís powers as a psychic.
D.P., Gainesville, Florida

Dear Janis,
I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for letting me know how my mother really died, when my father had gone to such great lengths to lie about it and cover up the truth. Knowing the truth about her released me from years of guilt.

Your talent as a psychic truly astonishes and amazes me. How you were able to see into the past, through time and space, to uncover the truth that was being concealed from me, I'll never forget. I guess my father was afraid I'd sue the hospital that punctured her heart while attempting to drain her lungs of fluid of her pneumonia. That was rather insulting, money wouldn't have brought my Mom back. I would probably have tried to get the incompetent doctor who "accidentally " killed her fired. I guess that's why my father didn't give me her death certificate until 15 years after her death. You should have seen my jaw drop when her death certificate confirmed what you had told me five years earlier! Thank you again, Janis, for helping me so much with your astonishing gift. I'll always appreciate and never forget your help with this very important issue in my life.
K. J., San Francisco, California

Youíve really made a difference in my life. You have been a real inspiration to me and I am grateful. Thank you for being you, I respect you very much.
D.G., Woodbridge, Virginia

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