Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Vol. 1, No. 1

Janis Nelson, Pulitzer Psychic, Palm Beach Soothsayer

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Word of Mouth: Letters of Review

Thank you very much for time and knowledge. I discovered, as you said, he was born in Japan. You have helped me a great deal. Thanks again, youíre the best.
R.W., Winter Haven, Florida

May 9, 2001
No time to write the predictions that have come true, but you are running 6 8 months ahead, thanks.
N.W., Winter Park, Florida

April 17, 1995
It is such a blessing to have you. Your guidance and direction have become invaluable to me. I send you daily blessings and keep light energy to keep you strengthened. Our last meeting was an evolutionary step leap for me, thank you, Janis.
A.W., Gainesville, Florida

March 21, 1997
You were right on target, I will be calling again.
A.W., Clinton, Maryland

December, 2005
Child of light, thank you for your shining your light on our lives, we love you.
Nyck Fell, San Francisco, California

September 28, 2004
Weird thing, when I check the status of the email of you sent me Ė it tells me you read mine 2 3 minutes before it was sent. Now thatís psychic power that overwhelms technology!
L.S., Austin, Texas

March 31, 1999
If I might bestow half the gifts and blessings to you, which you have given to me, my heart is filled with gratitude.
N.M., Gainesville, Florida

    January 17, 1987
I wanted to drop you a brief letter of thanks for all your help and support. I have come to know myself in a brighter light due mostly to our sessions and also our conversations. Your abilities are above any Iíve ever encountered before and a great gift, which I envy and respect. Again, thanks for your help.
J.L., Gainesville, Florida

April 27, 1997
The reading you gave me was so helpful and I feel a lot happier, you are terrific.
C. B., Menlo Park, California

July 17, 2005
The more I thought about our conversation, the more I understood. I tend to take things literally, so I thought more about the reading and came to understand what you were referring to. You hit the nail on the head and since you are always dealing with the problems of the others, I thought a good word about you was in order.
C.D., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

September 1, 2007
Thank you so much for always taking the time to help me. You will never know how much you have helped me or you probably do know. You are so kind and caring. I am so blessed to know you and to learn from you. I donít know where Iíd be without you.
D.F., Gainesville, Florida

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